We have allotments and contracted rates in a huge variety of hotels across the country. We inspect and select the hotels we are offering one by one. So no surprises!

We fully understand and respect your expectations.

Modern ? Just built in the heart of London. Ideal for Leisure, Corporate, Incentives and conferences.
State of the heart technologies and designer’s looks. Undisputed comfort

5* Overlooking the River Thames? Classic with style. Ideal for all leisure and corporate travelers.
You favourite landmarks and the buzz of the city at your doorstep.

Grand Hotel style? For all travelers with a particular interest into shopping. We know what kind of accommodation they are looking for and we can provide the right locations and services.

The ultimate British experience? You don’t mind to stay away from the capital but still within reasonable access to it. Enjoy your walks and treat yourself into a fantastic Spa. We have the right product.
Indulgence and pumpering combined with the pleasures of an immersion in the inspiring English country side.

These are just samples. For a full list of properties, we kindly invite you to register into our Agents Area and scroll all listed properties in order for you to choose your 3*, 4* or 5* hotel